Our Chairman

ICOBA-NA continues to be a strong pillar in the overall strategy of returning Igbobi college to its past glory. Our North American membership is concentrating on improving not just the infrastructural layout but also the soft skills of academic improvement.

Our annual AGM’s which are normally held last weekend in June continues to wax strong. It is a period where old memories are rekindled, and a great time is had by old boys some of whom never met in Igbobi College but as the school song says “all are one in the Lord”.

While we have a great time at the AGM, the principal reason of our get together is to fund raise for Igbobi College.

The current executive has these major objectives

  1. Engagement of membership through the use of social media.
  2. Improvement of education quality in the school through the integration of foreign expertise with the local teachers.
  3. Commitment to being closely involved in the quality of the life and the academic performance of the students
  4. Partnering with private schools in North America for the purpose of increasing encouraging the students to be the best by bringing the top students in Igbobi College to study for  few years in North America. The goal of this is to raise overall educational standards and encourage competition among the students for top academic honours.

On the infrastructure side, we have completed and commissioned several projects on the school grounds namely:
a)   The school dining hall which was totally refurbished by ICOBANA
b)   A brand new multi purpose court, with basketball, volleyball and badminton amenities. This court now hosts

inter school competitions in Lagos State. The ICOBANA wives have also supported this project by donating

50 custom-made basketballs with the Igbobi college logo proudly engraved on it.
c)   ICOBANA was one of the donors to the newly renovated Cannon Reginald B. Parker chapel

I conclude by expressing my thanks to the Executive committee of ICOBANA. None of our our goals can be can be achieved without their selfless contribution. I also thank the old boys who have helped in hosting AGM. It is no small feat to host and fund raise at these events.

Last but not least, the donors to our cause. A lot of you are not Igbobians, but you have contributed immeasurably in us fulfilling one of the lines in our school song “struggling ever for your fame Igbobi”.

Mr. Wale Gbalajobi
ICOBA-North America