Welcome To ICOBANA

Welcome to the Igbobi College Old Boys Association North America website. ICOBANA is a branch of the ICOBA headquartered on the school campus in Lagos, Nigeria. I am indeed honored to be serving as your Chairman.

As proud Igbobians, we are all in this together to give back to the great institution that has been a blessing to many generations through the firm foundation and discipline which has guided all Igbobians to achieve and attain their very best in every area of endeavor.

ICOBANA has been groomed and grounded by very able leaders for the last eighteen years since its inception in 2005; the mission is to continue steering the ship along the path of raising the schools’ scholastic standard through enhancing and exploring the opportunities for the students to attain their utmost best, equipping the teachers with state-of-the-art tools to assist in achieving excellence in the classrooms; continue to support the teachers as well as the administrators with deserving honors awards through the established “Excellence in Teaching” program while keeping the college infrastructure intact through proper and consistent

We ask for your continued support; our plan is to continue to foster the foundation that our predecessors have laid. We have embarked on the initiative of collaborating with ICOBA Europe on the enacted “Library of the Future’ started by the previous administration as well as other laudable initiatives as we continue to enhance Igbobi College.

The Igbobi spirit of self-denial is one that has always been our guiding principle. We gather yearly around the US and Canada for a reunion that gives us the opportunity to raise funds to support our laudable projects which includes time for us to unite, have some needed and deserving fun time with families.

Thank you.
Olufela Yemitan
March 2024